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Who We Are

Since 2011 we've been helping companies create beautiful and engaging media. 

Our main goal is to help you find & attract the right guests from around the world to commit to experiencing your property.

Lodgepole started as a general production studio and then over the years fell in love with the hospitality industry. Specifically properties that want to give their guest an all-inclusive engaging experience through activities and the outdoors. Now we aim to be the world’s leading media company for experiential resorts, lodges and ranches. 

We want to team up with you to create media that connects your audience to the core of your promise in an emotional way and causes them to trust you with their time and memories. 

How Can We Help You

Here at Lodgepole our aim is to serve you and your needs. The degree of our solutions comes down to the needs of your property. We want to best serve you and your endeavors through video, and photography that seamlessly blend with your well crafted experience.

Think of us as your out of house creative team that will come along side you to help solve your media problems with beautiful, engaging and exciting solutions. 




Pre Production

We'll begin by crafting a plan for your media content and create a map of how we'll accomplish all that needs to be done to bring these ideas to creation. This includes the act of discovery, direction for the media content, and production timelines.


Our films are natural, cinematic and driven by real people speaking from the heart. We are low impact and easy to work with. Our crew is small and nimble and able to work seamlessly along side a working property.



We craft imagery that accentuates the key experiences your future guest will have while at the same time keeping consistency to the overall narrative of your media content. 


From culling, rough cutting, sound and color... we take care in overstep of the process. This is when all the sweat and labor are poured out into the creation of your media. All of the planning for your media up to this point is now being executed on.