Our Process




Reach out and tell us all about your project. This is your time to share and our time to listen. This will equip us to get a feel for the timing and scope of the project so we can create an accurate proposal for you as well as determine if we are the best fit for your film and needs.


Now that we have officially teamed up. We'll begin crafting a plan for your film and create a map of how we'll accomplish all that needs to be done to bring these ideas to creation. This includes the act of discovery, direction for the film,  and production timelines.



We've seen this day coming... this is when all the sweat and labor are poured out into the creation of your film to make all the raw materials needed for the editing table. All of the planning for your film up to this point is now being executed on.


Magic happens on the editing table. Heart and soul are injected into your film to bring out the true feeling of the piece we have crafted together. Your film will be crafted with care and once finalized will be professionally color graded and mastered.