Triple Creek Ranch: Summer Brand Film


Rated as the #1 Hotel in the world in 2014 by Travel + Leisure, Triple Creek Ranch is what luxury in the outdoors looks like. Being a Relais & Chateaux property we wanted to create a summer promo film that would show their future guest why they're the best in the area. 

Check out the case study below.

Summer Film


Summer Film


Triple Creek Ranch: Case Study

‘We had never seen the ranch through eyes like that’ - Jennifer / Marketing Director



Nestled in the wild Montana Rockies just minutes from the Bitterroot River, Triple Creek Ranch offers visitors a getaway like no other.

As much as Triple Creek Marketing and Sales Director Jennifer O'Donohue loves telling prospective guests and travel agents about the rustic ranch’s five-star accommodations, world-class customer service, gourmet cuisine and breathtaking scenery, she says it’s tough to capture the full experience in words.

“If I could invite all those travel agents to come and stay here so they could experience it, I know the phone would be ringing off the hook — but I can’t,” she says.



When we met Jennifer in June 2015, she was researching ranch films and videographers, looking for a new way to showcase Triple Creek.

She didn’t want a film that felt fake or overly promotional — she was looking for a filmmaker who could understand and appreciate the ranch as much as she and her team did.

So when she heard about our authentic, emotional films for resorts, ranches and lodges, she invited us to visit the ranch that summer to create a video about its Orvis-sponsored fly fishing program.


Our process

Jennifer had worked with other videographers in the past, so it was easy to understand why she had a few concerns leading up to our shoot.

She wondered if we would bring a sense of direction for the film or if she would need to spend several days leading us through project. She worried that like other filmmakers, we might “blow in” and disrupt the guest experience — but that’s not our style.

In the months before the shoot, we spent several hours interviewing her and her team on the phone to cast a vision for the film. Based on those interviews and our comprehensive pre-production process of discovery, we developed a set of keywords to communicate through the video and ran them by Jennifer to make sure we were on the same page.

And as we prepared for the trip, we packed light, bringing only the equipment we needed to capture the beauty of the area on the ground and from the air.

From the minute we arrived on the ranch, we started scouting for the shoot. The 27,000-acre property is packed with incredible wildlife, and the breathtaking views in the surrounding area were just calling us to film them.

Throughout the three-day shoot, we worked collaboratively with Jennifer to get access to the people and the locations we needed to film, without getting in the way of guests. We waded into the river, drove to remote locations throughout the property and flew drones overhead to capture the ranch and rivers from all angles.

All the while, we kept a low profile so that ranch guests could fully enjoy their quiet vacation.



Jennifer says she clearly remembers the moment she received the first draft of our film — her team gathered around to see the soaring river views and even a close-up of a moose taking a dip in the water. It told a story of the ranch that prospective guests could see, hear and feel.

“It gives me chills thinking about it again,” she recalls. “He really got us — he really got the experience. We had never seen the ranch through eyes like that.”

We’re looking forward to more visits to the ranch — since the first shoot, Triple Creek has hired us to produce two more films. Jennifer says she looked into local videographers at lower price points, but she says hiring us back was a unanimous choice for her team.

“It was a no-brainer,” she says. “I have 100 percent confidence that this is a company that gets us, is going to work with us and is going to deliver a beautiful video that completely captures the essence of the ranch. That’s invaluable.”

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